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Friday Febuary 5th Zoom Meeting

We are a newly founded church since April 2020. It is our goal and our mission to spread the Gospel of Jesus to all the nations and tongues. Our idea is to be modern church and at same time keeping our conservative values aligned with the teachings of the Seventh day Adventist church. One of the reasons to create a new church was so that the younger generation of church members may be unrestrained by the Slavic language and traditions, but can freely speak English and other languages. Also we are striving to have greater and broader field of possible speakers from all sorts of languages and cultures that will be able to share the experience and valuable lessons with our members.
On this channel we will provide translation into Slavic languages since that is what most of the church members are. Also if any other language needs arise in the future they will be treated equal and translated into whatever languages we have ability to translate to. If you have free time and knowledge of another language with some translation skill we would be rejoiced to have you help with translating subtitles on any of our videos, just direct message us on any platform and we will be happy to provide more detailed information. Give praise to the Lord since we have many good reasons to do so! Further more we hope that our content that is being produced on this channel will help lead you closer to God and have you be more knowledgeable about the bible and all that resides in it:)

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Email: slavicamericansda@gmail.com

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