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How Redditors Feel About Missing the Covid Lockdown Period (r/AskReddit) #shorts


Are you feeling FOMO for missing the Covid lockdown period? #Redditors share their unique experiences in this video! #CovidLockdown

Discover how Redditors feel about missing out on the Covid lockdown period. Hear stories from people who were unable to join the collective experience, and learn how they coped with their feelings of isolation and FOMO. [0:20] Uncover the different ways people found to connect with one another during the pandemic. [2:00] Learn how to cope with the feeling of missing out on a major cultural event. [3:20]

Don’t miss this unique insight into how Redditors feel about missing the Covid lockdown period. Check out the video now and join the conversation!

#Covid19 #Reddit #FOMO #Lockdown

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