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Wanna increase your baby’s immunity? Swarnprashan-An Ayurvedic Vaccination! #shorts #healthtips


Early childhood is a time of tremendous growth and development. When compared with first year of life, a decreased growth rate is seen in the toddlers growth period. It is the age group, were parents expresses concern about poor intake as a result, growth becomes slower, so health is an area of concern in this age group of children. Although, special attention has to be given to the mental status and intelligence of the child, equal importance also has to be given to physical, social, personal and immunity aspects.

Tip- Take your children for ayurvedic Vaccination (after the medical guidance of reliable source) of Swarna Prashana which is a
formulation, containing Swarna mixed with Madhu and Ghrita in the form of Prashana (lickables). It is a health promoting drop, given on every Pushya Nakshatra, regularly.
This also prevents from the non-specific immunity of the body and offers an average resistance to all common infections by reducing the severity of diseases (proven via clinical study too).
Reference- Kannan Sagar et al / Int. J. Res. Ayurveda Pharm. 9 (1), 2018.
Thanks to Dr Sangeeta Jain- Follow her on Instagram @dr__sangeetajain for more health tips.🤍💚https://madhavbaug.org/clinic/mulund-east-mumbai/ (no paid promotion)

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